The Palestinian Child’s Home Club (PCHC) is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1996 in the city of Hebron, making it the first institution of its kind aimed at children, youth and young adults from the ages of 9 to 30 years old. It works to provide social, cultural and sports programmes and since it’s foundation has worked to create better quality programmes which include camps, technology programmes and music and theatre training. Through these activities the club has become the only refugee available for children in this area and is now known on a national level and among international institutions as a distinctive space for youth.

In 2008 the club managed to enhance its programmes and activities through the privileged partnership with USAID. This merger expanded the reach to affect youth groups from different regions, universities and colleges within the West Bank which then led to the establishment of the Youth Development Resource Centre (YDRC), which was specially designed to meet the needs of young people. The centre has many facilities including training halls and stadiums for implementing activities and trainings, and a theatre that accommodates more than 350 people which has hosted many events since its opening.

The YDRC model has helped to expand programmes at the club and today the centre has grown into an indispensable resource platform for youth. The opportunities offered at the YDRC coupled with continued sports and cultural opportunities are helping create a foundation of leaders who aim to build stronger communities in the Hebron area. The YDRC is also a hub for youth throughout the southern West Bank, and it is also linked with a network of eight affiliated clubs in the area.

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