Helmi “Abed Alaffo” “Abed Al-Raziq” Qawasmieh, born 1947 in Hebron, is an outstanding businessman, who obtained a diploma in Management and accounting from Qalandia College. He is the founder of the Palestinian Child’s Home Club in Hebron, and also a member of the public body in the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, the Patient’s Friends Society and the Association of Charity Foundation. Mr. Qawasmieh also works as the director of Charisma Advertising agency and Beauty Lines for tourism and travel. He has held several positions, most prominently the deputy director of Bank Leumi, Jerusalem and director of the Cairo Amman Bank for a period of 21 years.

Vice Chariman

Majed Zuheir Khaled AlOsaily holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Al-Quds Open University. Currently he works as a business man for Almajed Company Traders. Moreover, Mr. Al Osaily is the Vice President for the Hebron Youth Club and the Palestinian Judo Union as well as a board member in The Hebron Businessmen Forum.

General Supervisor

Kifah Subhi Jamal Al-Dine Al-Sharif, born 1961, is a businessman who obtained a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Hebron in 1981. He is one of the Palestinian Child’s Home Club founders and President of the Federation of Sport for All. Mr. Al-Sharif has been an arbiter, player and active athlete most of his life. He became active as a member of several youth organisations and sports, such as the Ahli Hospital Association in the University of Hebron. Mr. Sharif is the owner of Sharif Sports Company and moreover holds several other positions, most notably as a chairman of the Board of Directors for Alwaheed Investment and Trade Company, as a member of the Hebron Business Forum and as a participant in the Arab Businessmen Forum.

General Secretary

“Mohammed Ziad” Othman Ali Al-Ja’abari, born 1958, holds a bachelor’s degree in public law from Mohammed Bin Abdallah University, Morocco. He is the vice president for Administrative Affairs at Hebron University and President of the Palestinian Moroccan Friendship Association. He is a former Board Member of the Hebron Youth Club from 2000-2002 and former legal consultant for Hebron Municipality. Mr. Al-Ja’abari also serves as Secretary of the National Council for Education and is a founding member of the Arab Council for the training of students in universities in Arab countries.


Naeim Izzat Ahmad Hamdan, born 1963, works as head of activities in the ministry of Education in Hebron.Mr. Hadan holds a diploma in accounting from the Mediterranean University, Oman. In his career he worked for three years as an accountant in Saudi Arabia, but also as a school teacher and secretary for a period of twelve years. He is a former member of the Al-Ahli Sports Committee.

Science Department Supervisor

Jawdi Hateth Awad Abu Sneneh

Youth and Children Department Supervisor

Omar Abdsamee Abed Alrazaq Qawasmeh works as trader, and owns a tourist and travel company in Hebron.  He is a member of the Hebron Business Forum and Patience and Friends Society as well a former board member of Hebron Youth Club.

Youth and Volunteers Department Supervisor

Mohammed Abed Alkareem Abed Allah Hemony holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Hebron University.  He is the head of the youth department in the High Council for Youth and Sport in Hebron.He is currently a Board Member of the Advisory Council for the Hebron Governorate, a member of the National Parties Office in Hebron and Board Member of Feda Political Party. He is also a member in the National Committee for Summer Camps, a Board member of the National Committee for the Prevention of Contagious Illnesses and former Board Member of the Palestinian Scouts.

Public Relations and Projects Department Supervisor

Niveen Mohammed Shukri Ismael Hijazi

Women Department Supervisor

Hekmat Abed Alhafeth Abed Almotaleb Alkobabje

Arts and Culture Department Supervisor

Handai Jawad Yousef Hijazi

Sports Department Supervisor

Shehdeh Faisal Shehdeh Alnatsheh

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