Omar Dahmanis, born in 1981, is the executive director of the YDRC. He holds a BA in Computer Engineering from the Palestine Polytechnic University Hebron. Already in Omar´s early career youth work became a great focus in his life. He joined the RI-SOL (Relief International Schools Online) as an On-Site Monitor where he engaged with teachers, students and administrators to develop the concept of integrating ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in education. Following he supported the creation of a second Community Learning and Action Center (CLAC) of the RI-SOL. As a result Omar started working on the Hebron governorate level in order to promote the relevance of information and communication technology (ICT) for learning about social and economic issues as well as to identify practical solutions. As a youth leader Omar strongly believes in the use of IT for introducing positive social debates and changes. He already promoted this mission by managing several youth projects, supervising several Community Learning and Action Centers (CLAC), the Zan Women´s Center and as a team member of Ruwwad. In these positions he helped developing and implementing leadership and community engagement training and youth initiatives.


Anas Al Sarabta, born in 1986, is the Programme Manager of the YDRC. He holds a BA in Computer Engineering from the Palestinian Polytechnic University in Hebron. As a former Iinformation and communication technology coordinator he participated in many local and international events concerning the use of IT and social technology. Special fields of expertise he coaches youth in are online-marketing and start-up businesses as well as hunting educational opportunities.


Muntamy Abu Arab, born in 1986, is a journalist and filmmaker. Right now he is the media center's coordinator at the YDRC. Muntamy studied documentary filmmaking at Dar Al-Kalimah College. In his later career he directed two award winning documentary films. As a freelancer he also works as a professional photographer, director and producer of Palestinian series as well as a video and photography trainer.


Mariam Doufesh, born in 1988, is the ICT-assistant (Information and Communication Technology) at the YDRC and works as a graphic designer and 3-D program trainer. Mariam studied graphic design at Palestine Polytechnic University. A great interest of her goes to youth work and over many years she has participated in several youth initiatives and programs.


Yousra Hayyan Qawasma, born in 1992, is a radio presenter at the YDRC. She finished her BA in English literature and journalism at Bethlehem University. Now Yousra studies the master´s program of "international studies" at Birzeit University.  Her aim is to become an active international journalist focusing on political and feminist issues. Until now she has engaged as a volunteer in the Children Happiness Center and Wajd Musical Group.


Shorouq Muneer Thawabta, born in 1991, is a radio presenter at the YDRC. She studied mathematics at Bethlehem University. Before joining the YDRC Shourouq worked as a project coordinator in the Palestinian NGO for dialogue and democracy Miftah and volunteered in several youth projects. One of her great interest is the engagement in feminist issues, Palestinian folklore and heritage. Therefore she aims to become a successful journalist and has already started her own initiative "Be proud of your Palestinian dress".


Nidaa Shaheen, born in 1986, is a radio presenter at the YDRC. She studied Journalism at Hebron University. Nidaa started her career working as an editor for news websites and as a presenter and programmer at Alam Radio. Following, she worked at Maa'n news agency and Al- Amal television.


Beesan Sharif, born in 1991, is the administration officer at the YDRC. She studied marketing at Applied Science University- Amman. In her early career Beesan worked as a director at the Hebron University SPA. Her great interest goes to youth issues and the participation in youth programs.


Hussein Naeem Hamdan, born in 1991, is the accountant at the YDRC. He studied accounting in the Palestine Al-Ahleyyah University. In his early career Hussein worked in the Al-Haddad company.


Dhya Ghrayyeb, born 1987 in Saudi Arabia, works as a radio presenter at the YDRC. He studied Journalism at Hebron University and later published many reports on Palestinian and Tunisian websites as a freelance journalist. Moreover he also works as a photographer.

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