Since the year 1996 this unit has served more than 10,000 children and teenagers through various programmes including sport, culture and peer to peer educational activities.

Our Adolescents and Children’s Programmes:

Summer Camps

Camps are at the core of activities at the Club and in the past year different camps have been implemented including a health camp, a peace camp and an educational camp.

Life Skills

Building our community of student’s life skills is an essential part of developing our community as a whole. Our trainings contribute to improving the quality of life of those taking part in the programmes. The trainings include team building, communication and time management skills.

Choral and Music

A successful choral band for the club was achieved through an intensive music and choral training. Throughout each year the unit continues to work on developing the current crew and extends its reach to those interested in music.

Voluntary Work and Initiatives

Voluntary work is paramount to adolescents gaining essential skills for the future and to develop their worldly understanding. The unit facilitates more than 100 adolescents each year to participate in community services, thus making an important impact on their lives.

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