A core component at the club is the Youth and Volunteers Unit. Since 2008 and after establishing the YDRC, this unit has served more than 5000 persons through our Training of Trainees (TOT), capacity building trainings, internships, language classes, cultural trainings and other activities. The aim of these programmes is to empower youth to take on leadership roles both at the centre and in their communities.

Our Youth and Volunteers Programs and Trainings:

Leadership and Community Engagement Trainings

Training of Trainees (TOT)

In order to encourage youth’s personal development the TOT trainings will build youths skills in leadership, facilitation and couching. We will target active youth members and university students who will benefit the most from a good quality TOT skills training.

U Lead

This project is aimed at creating leaders out of youth through the implementation of leadership training. The training consists of showing youth examples of leadership roles and models, making them aware of community initiatives and equipping them with the skills needed to get involved in social advocacy. These skills involve the use of media to reach their communities through tools such as facebook and youtube videos.

Youth-led Community Service Initiatives

These youth-developed projects address community issues that are deemed important.

Internship Opportunities

These opportunities give recent university graduates the chance to gain hands-on work experience at the YDRC.

Voluntary Activities

These activities include environmental clean-ups and work with local hospitals.

Language Classes

English Training Courses

Based on our successful cooperation with Step International Organisation, the unit will keep implementing English courses targeting approx. 140 students. Classes began last year and since its beginning three cycles of classes lasting for two month time periods have been implemented.

Capacity Building Trainings

Four capacity building trainings have been implemented by the Youth and Volunteers Unit. They include Project Management, Social Media, Team Management and U Lead Programme Training. The topics covered in each of these projects will be decided based on the needs of the youth’s participating. Surveys and discussions with youths involved will be used to collect data in order to decide on trainings content.

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