As a unique resource platform for youth, the YDRC today plays an important role in the Hebron area. Given its position in the community, the YDRC has collaborated with numerous local and international organization and universities to implement themed youth programmes at the centre. Projects have focused on areas such as environmental awareness and conservation, creative arts, business incubation and robotics. At the moment music, language, technology and leadership skills define our cooperation programs.  


Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

Because of Hebron´s religiously conservative society learning music doesn´t find much support in the local community. There are no institution for teaching music instruments or vocals are in the city or its near surroundings.

Regarding such circumstances the YDRC wanted to bring change towards this subject and decided to use its facilities for teaching music. Following a partnership with the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music has been established in 2010. Since then students between the ages of 5 to 23 years old have the chance to attend regular musical classes and learn instruments like the violin, cello, oud, viola, qanoun, drums and flute. The response to this offer has been great and many young students happily took this unique opportunity to engage with music.


Nayzak Organisation - Young Researcher Program

This joint Young Researcher program provides adolescents with a chance to discover knowledge, dig deeper into social phenomena, and perform several scientific applications that interest them. This journey urges adolescents to think differently of issues that are important from their criticizing point of view. They dive in the midst of the evolving scientific research and start researching and analyzing until they become pioneers in providing a role model for their peers.



Arab Students Aid Internal (ASAI)

In cooperation with the Arab Students Aid Internal (ASAI) the YDRC conducts yearly capacity building training programs.The program is based on the need to improve the management performance of the youth, women and the senior staff in Palestinian NGO’s and those working in public and private institutions by enhancing their applicable knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for strengthening their developmental role.


The Palestine Youth CBO’s Network for Reform and Citizenship (PCMR)

This project is implemented by the Student’s Forum Institute and funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), in collaboration with the Hebron YDRC. The project aims to explore a range of issues and demands made by youth sector in Palestine through the formation of a network of 16 different institutions throughout the West Bank. The collaboration of these different institutions hopes to lead to the implementation of a range of activities with a focus on citizenship and good governance. 


Mercy Corps

In cooperation with Mercy Corps the YDRC runs a USAID funded technology training program from January to September of 2015. Our participants come from seven other youth clubs throughout the south and north of the West Bank. Within this program 350 youth get the chance to receive training in topics  such as Intel Learn, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Video Editing, Social Media, Google Apps, Photography, App inventor and Photoshop.


Al Ahli Club

The YDRC is part of a very successful cooperation with Al Ahli Sports Club. We activly support the sports clubs aim to spread cultural, social and health awareness among the youth as well as to improve and advance sports and scout movements to their highest possible levels in Hebron.

Until now the Al Ahli Club has organized several youth activities, participated in many different championships at the national and the Arab levels, and obtained distinguished ranks in these championships. The YDRCs goal is to supports and facilitates such initiatives at its best.


British Council

The Hebron YDRC is proud of its partnership with the British Council and its participation in the regional project ‘Young Arab Voices’ that aims to develop skills and opportunities for youth-led debates. Building democratic and pluralistic communities and promoting public voice stands at the core of this partnership initiative.

By being part of this project the YDRC offers a new platform for exchange of diverse views, it proactively supports the development of young people´s skills for public debate and builds up a regional Palestinian resource network.


Irex – ‘Partnerships with Youth’

This USAID funded ‘Partnership with Youth’ (PwY) program aims to create sustainable hubs for youth innovation and learning throughout the Westbank. Also the YDRC became part of this initiative and is glad to receive international support for its own mission of supporting active youth learning and innovation. Our shared goals are the expand of educational and leadership opportunities by improving our institutional capacity and youth programming.


STEP International language courses

In cooperation with STEP international the YDRC offers weekly English classes. Our primary focus is to encourage students to speak English and to practise their conversation skills. The classes contain discussions on various topics, presentations by students and also many interactive and fun activities.  



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