As a unique resource platform for youth, the YDRC today plays an important role in the Hebron area. Given its position in the community, the YDRC has collaborated with numerous local and international organization and universities to implement themed youth programmes at the centre. Projects have focused on areas such as environmental awareness and conservation, creative arts, business incubation, and robotics. Through these partnerships and projects, the YDRC has established:


Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

In July 2010 a partnership between the Palestinian Child’s Home Club and Edward Said National conservatory of music was developed, and for the last three years we have been implementing musical classes to students aged between 5 and 23 years old. The instruments available to learn are the violin, cello, oud, viola, qanoun, drums and flute. The programme takes place in the old Beit al-Tiffel building YDRC every Saturday and Sunday. More than 60 students have benefited from this programme since its beginning and we are continuing the programme this year with a number of 40 new and old students.


Enhancing Environmental Awareness among Palestinian Youth Project

Through this project the YDRC offers youth the chance to take part in different environmental activities and volunteer days, designed to raise awareness about local environment and promote conservation. These activities began through a partnership with the Palestinian Wildlife Society (PWLS), who helped educate youths from the YDRC about the environment during earlier projects.


Drama and Theatre Training Project

Implemented by the Inad Centre for Theatre and Arts this project provided youth with the opportunity to express themselves creatively through drama. Groups of participants are now being trained in theatre exercises. These young adults will then go to YDRC run drama programmes at the club. Like the Environmental partnership, this project focuses on youth becoming leaders and trainers.

In June 2012 with the cooperation of the Hebron Theatre Lab, the YDRC conducted theatre training for a period of one month. Twelve students whom were interested in theatre and acting were trained by a group of Italian and Palestinian professionals. The training ended with a play called “Hadawadet Baladeyeh” performed by the students.



In July 2012, collaboration with Flagship and the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MoH) resulted in a summer camp with a focus on health named “Towards a Healthier Lifestyle”. The camp ran for a length of five days with fifty children between the ages of 12 to 14 years old participating. The aim of the camp was to teach children different health messages so as to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Mercy Corps

In cooperation with Mercy Corps and funded by USAID, Hebron YDRC conducted eight technology orientated trainings with 160 youths from July to November 2012. The training topics included Intel Learn, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Community Spots Production, and Social Media for Community Development. Participants in the workshop came from seven other youth clubs throughout the South and North of the West Bank. Hebron YDRC members of staff were able to design, implement and evaluate the training and provide full assistance to the youth in those areas.



Hebron YDRC and MEPI alumni network conducted a four day workshop entitled “Social Pilots”. During the workshop the participants were exposed to various topics in social media, multimedia, and means of addressing and advocating for community issues in creative ways. Additionally, the alumni had the chance to meet their peers from other programmes.

“We were trained by qualifies trainers whom experience in social media was inspiring, which in return gave this workshop a unique atmosphere”.

Ahlam Al Amleh, training participant.


National Committee for Summer Camps Palestine

The youth friendly spaces project was conducted in the Hebron YDRC in conjunction with the National Committee for Summer Camps Palestine. The aim of this project was to give youth between the ages of 10 to 18 years old cultural, educational, sports and life skills through extracurricular activities. This project ran from April to December 2012.


Student’s Forum Institute PCMR Project

The Palestine Youth CBO’s Network for Reform and Citizenship (PCMR) project is implemented by the Student’s Forum Institute and funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), in collaboration with the Hebron YDRC. The project aims to explore a range of issues and demands made by youth sector in Palestine through the formation of a network of 16 different institutions throughout the West Bank. The collaboration of these different institutions hopes to lead to the implementation of a range of activities with a focus on citizenship and good governance.


Student’s Forum and Palestinian Election Committee

In cooperation with the student’s forum, the Palestinian Election Committee and a fund from UNDP through the “Ali Sotak Project”, Hebron YDRC conducted a workshop for 20 youths with representatives from the different parties who were competing in the new municipality election. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the youth’s needs and to explain each party’s agendas in the upcoming election.


Creative Centre (Ebda’a) Shabab Khares Al Sater Festival

In cooperation with The Creative Centre (Ebda’a) the Hebron YDRC implemented a three day festival for youth innovation which focused on different areas such as photography, theatre and art. The festival was funded by the local community and the Hebron Governor. Around 50 youths participated in the implementation of the event with 1,000 people in attendance.


Palestinian Information and Communication Technology Incubator (PICTI)

Implemented by the Youth Entrepreneurs Palestine (YEP) this project was designed to foster the entrepreneurial capabilities of youth and encourage them to set up income-generating businesses.


Educational Robotics Laboratory

The YDRC is home to an educational robotics laboratory, where youth can develop their skills in science and technology, specifically learning how to build and program robots using advanced LEGO sets. The labs were established in a joint project with the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education/King Hussein Foundation. Youth at the YDRC have been eager to participate in local First LEGO League competition in this lab.


The Learn and Serve Palestine Project

Implemented by Al Mawrid Teacher Development Center, this project targets the South Hebron region with the goal of creating service learning units at other participating clubs in the area. Al Mawrid trained 34 unemployed recent graduates aged between 18 and 25 years old in remedial education, service learning techniques, and leadership. The trained youth worked with high school students who are facing social difficulties and academic problems.


The Young Pillars Career and Psychosocial Counselling Programme

The YDRC offers peer-to-peer counselling through a career and psychosocial counselling unit, which was established during an earlier project implemented with the Ta’awon Youth Forum. The unit provides a forum for peer-to-peer advice and has also organized activities such as job fairs and employability workshops.


The Youth Access Media Project

Implemented by Tawasul, this project focuses on strengthening youth participation in comprehensive media as well as in the public sphere. Tawasul, in collaboration with Al-Quds Educational TV, works with recent graduates and interns at the YDRC Media Centre to produce nationally broadcasted TV programmes. Each programme discusses current issues of interest to the youth and includes a panel of decision-makers and youth audience members.


Women’s Month

This project funded by USAID was held in March 2012 in the Hebron YDRC and consisted of the implementation of a full month worth of events and activities dedicated to women. Events held included ‘Mother’s Day’ event (300 women attended), ‘Open Health Day’ event (500 women attended) and a Job Fair (600 youths attended).


Arab Student Aid International (ASAI)

ASAI conducted a training programme called Capacity Building aimed at youth, women and NGO leaders in cooperation with the PCHP. The programme was based on the need to improve the management performance of the youth, women and the senior staff in Palestinian NGO’s and those working in public and private institutions by enhancing their applicable knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for strengthening their developmental role.


Nayzak Organisation- Young Researcher Program

The Young Researcher program provides adolescents with a chance to discover knowledge, dig deeper into social phenomena, and perform several scientific applications that interest them. This journey urges adolescents to think differently of issues that are important from their criticizing point of view. They, then, dive in the midst of the evolving scientific research and they start researching and analysing until they become pioneers in providing a role model for their peers.

A core component at the club is the Youth and Volunteers Unit. Since 2008 and after establishing the YDRC, this unit has served more than 5000 persons through our Training of Trainees (TOT), capacity building trainings, internships, language classes, cultural trainings and other activities. The aim of these programmes is to empower youth to take on leadership roles both at the centre and in their communities.

Our Youth and Volunteers Programs and Trainings:

Leadership and Community Engagement Trainings

Training of Trainees (TOT)

In order to encourage youth’s personal development the TOT trainings will build youths skills in leadership, facilitation and couching. We will target active youth members and university students who will benefit the most from a good quality TOT skills training.

U Lead

This project is aimed at creating leaders out of youth through the implementation of leadership training. The training consists of showing youth examples of leadership roles and models, making them aware of community initiatives and equipping them with the skills needed to get involved in social advocacy. These skills involve the use of media to reach their communities through tools such as facebook and youtube videos.

Youth-led Community Service Initiatives

These youth-developed projects address community issues that are deemed important.

Internship Opportunities

These opportunities give recent university graduates the chance to gain hands-on work experience at the YDRC.

Voluntary Activities

These activities include environmental clean-ups and work with local hospitals.

Language Classes

English Training Courses

Based on our successful cooperation with Step International Organisation, the unit will keep implementing English courses targeting approx. 140 students. Classes began last year and since its beginning three cycles of classes lasting for two month time periods have been implemented.

Capacity Building Trainings

Four capacity building trainings have been implemented by the Youth and Volunteers Unit. They include Project Management, Social Media, Team Management and U Lead Programme Training. The topics covered in each of these projects will be decided based on the needs of the youth’s participating. Surveys and discussions with youths involved will be used to collect data in order to decide on trainings content.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) courses make up a core component at the YDRC. More than 450 youths and adults have participated in the programs and activities of the ICT unit. Projects are led by recent university graduates and are made possible by partnerships with several multinational IT companies (Cisco, Intel and Microsoft). Targeting different age groups, the projects provide instruction in various software and online technologies, with a special focus on communication skills, social exchange and entrepreneurship.


Educational Robotics Laboratory

The YDRC is home to an educational robotics laboratory, where youth can develop their skills in science and technology, specifically learning how to build and program robots using advanced LEGO sets. The labs were established in a joint project with the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education/King Hussein Foundation. Youth at the YDRC have been eager to participate in local First LEGO League competition in this lab.


Intel Computer Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people from underserved communities work with adult mentors to explore ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in them through the use of technology. Programs and training run in the clubhouse include: animation training, creating thinking games, scratch training programs, robot training workshops, graphics training, audio/visual editing training, painting and drawing workshops, voluntary work, uploading projects to the clubhouse village, annual conference and Clubhouse to College (C2C).


Our current ICT programs:

Intel Learn: This is an after-school program designed to teach technological literacy, problem solving and collaboration skills needed for today’s knowledge economy. The Intel and community level (for 9-12 year olds), the Intel at work level (for 10-14 year olds) and the technology and entrepreneurship level (14-16 years old) all emphasize how youth can use their skills to become positive contributors in their communities.


Microsoft Unlimited Potential: This is a course that combines basic computer literacy, ICT knowledge, and personalized business development skills. These classes are geared toward teenagers and have also been offered to housewives/stay-at-home mothers.


MyTecC (Mediterranean Youth Technology Club): My TecC is a network stretching across eight countries in the Mediterrean and Arab world. During an 8 month span students receive ICT, English language, and communication-through-technology training, with the goal of interacting and sharing with their peers locally and globally through a private network called NING. Hebron YDRC will implement one cycle of MyTecC during 2013; two classes being held at the YDRC and Shyouhk Club benefiting 50 youths.




Since the year 1996 this unit has served more than 10,000 children and teenagers through various programmes including sport, culture and peer to peer educational activities.

Our Adolescents and Children’s Programmes:

Summer Camps

Camps are at the core of activities at the Club and in the past year different camps have been implemented including a health camp, a peace camp and an educational camp.

Life Skills

Building our community of student’s life skills is an essential part of developing our community as a whole. Our trainings contribute to improving the quality of life of those taking part in the programmes. The trainings include team building, communication and time management skills.

Choral and Music

A successful choral band for the club was achieved through an intensive music and choral training. Throughout each year the unit continues to work on developing the current crew and extends its reach to those interested in music.

Voluntary Work and Initiatives

Voluntary work is paramount to adolescents gaining essential skills for the future and to develop their worldly understanding. The unit facilitates more than 100 adolescents each year to participate in community services, thus making an important impact on their lives.

Based on the belief that media can be a valuable form of expression for youth, a state-of-the-art media centre was established at the YDRC. The centre provides an opportunity for recent university graduates to gain hands-on experience in the field and produce professional media outputs.

Youth develop their technical media skills through various projects including creative writing, TV and radio production, graphic design and documentary making.

In addition, participants provide creative coverage of various YDRC activities and produce pieces about community issues which they deem important. The media centre also offers professional services to companies and other organisations in the community, such as producing advertising spots and films, designing media campaigns, event coverage and publicity.

Our current Media programs:

  • Media graduated students training
  • Courses and training in filming, photography and editing
  • Establishment of a new and unique radio radio program

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